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A fo ben, bid bont

I’m Welsh. My people have one of the oldest languages in Europe. We’ve had thousands of years to play with words, to string them together and form beautiful lyrical phrases. I heard them growing up, sing song lilts shared over tea and buttered Bara Brith. Distilled wisdom as old as the hills, filled with the myth of dragons.

‘A fo ben, bid bont’ has stuck with me as the others have faded away the further I’ve moved from home.

‘If you want to be a leader, build a bridge.’

Wherever I go and whatever I do, I try to be the bridge.

The bridge between an idea and its audience, the bridge between one department and another, the bridge between agency and client, the bridge between data and a story, the bridge between what we think and what is true, the bridge between creative and media, the bridge between insight and action.

I’m lucky enough to have worked with and for some of the world’s most eminent brands, building bridges, creating value and winning awards along the way. I’d love to work with you too.

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SVP, Marketing • Head of Strategy • Brand Marketing Director

I’m an award winning, experienced marketer and leader with twenty years experience and a demonstrated history of commercial growth, leadership, team building and managing culture change in the marketing, tech, advertising and cannabis industries.

I have strong business development and brand stewardship experience.

I’m professionally skilled in Leadership, Communications Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Retail Strategy, Advertising, Content Development, and Brand Planning.


Recent Experience

2009 to present

SVP, Managing Director
2012 to 2014

Google, Creative Lab
Head of Media
2009 to 2010

Head of Consumer Media
2014 to 2017

SVP, Brand and Content Strategy
2010 to 2012



BA Literary Studies (French)
The University of Portsmouth

Business Administration and Economics
Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Degré de la Littérature Modernes
Université de Jean Monet, St. Étienne


Skills & Languages










Ewan recently helped Gnomic develop a strategic relaunch for one of our clients. The work was powerful, truthful and actionable; having Ewan on the team made our work look effortless, and it was a pleasure partnering with him. Highly recommended for his clarity of vision, experience, and ease of collaboration. Thank you!
— Jason Koxvold, Photographer and Creative Director
We hired Ewan to help us re-articulate what Vindaq is and who it’s for. His advice greatly aided us in refocusing the business and held a light up to some of the issues we had, from a consumer-first point of view. We are extremely happy with him and we’ve hired him again
— Robert Fox, COO Vindaq
Ewan has a very thoughtful, insightful approach to planning. We worked together for several months, and he provided excellent strategic help to our company and our clients. I would strongly recommend you consider Ewan if you’re looking for a strategist who can cut to the core a business problem quickly and effectively.
— Eric Johnson, CEO Ignited + El Camp
I brought Ewan over to New York from his native UK as it was evident from the get go he had exactly the right creative, strategic and people skills required to help transform MindShare from a traditional media agency to a more idea-centric business. He made a big difference leading communications planning across some of the agencies biggest client brands and devising and successfully implementing large scale initiatives to help evolve the agency. He’s a unique character and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again especially when unlocking the true creative potential of media is what’s required.
— Malcolm Russell, Head of Strategy, Europe, Middle East and Africa at Starcom
I worked with Ewan at Mindshare, and when there was an opportunity to work with him again I jumped at the chance. He is a creative soul with an extremely strategic mind. As our Innovation Catalyst on Wal-mart, he drove our strategic thinking but more importantly translated that thinking in wonderfully creative concepts that were executed in market. He has the unique ability to harness the creative power of a group and focus it against specific a deliverable. All that, and he brings an incredibly positive energy. You want to work with Ewan.
— Rob Reifenheiser, CEO at MetaVision Media - a GroupM Company
Ewan is a fantastically creative thinker, who inspires and cajoles people to take a different point of view on the world - whether that be clients, employees, or media owners. He is also extremely good to have around your business as if through osmosis, he helps you become a bit less corporate and a bit more fun.
— Jonathan Allen, Chief Commercial Officer - Channel 4


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